‘Birthday Fairy’ Brings Smiles to Coworkers

September 2, 2014

in Community News

Friendship Village server Melanie Lemley gifts homemade birthday treats to all coworkers at senior living community.

You might expect homemade birthday treats to be handed out in an elementary school classroom, but maybe not at your office. At Friendship Village of South Hills, Melanie Lemley is bringing birthday treats back to grown-ups in a big way.

A dining room server at the senior living community in Upper St. Clair, Melanie makes treats for each of her 200+ coworkers on their birthdays. That’s 200+ dates to remember and 200+ different birthday treats to make.

Melanie has always loved birthdays – even more than holidays – and loves being able to celebrate them with others. Melanie has found that it’s the best way to meet her fellow team members at the community. Sometimes she even meets them for the first time when she delivers their homemade birthday treat. But the main reason she remembers the birthdays and bakes treats is to brighten spirits and bring a smile to people’s faces.

Stories about Melanie and her touching efforts were featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Almanac and the Observer-Reporter newspapers.

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